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Today, Villaume remains at the forefront of the industry in helping to design and incorporate equipment, computer software and processes to maximize efficiency, productivity and cost reduction. The newest Koskovich Servo-Omni computer–driven saw can accommodate up to 500 different setups per shift. The Koskovich Miser Wood Processing system contains the most efficient cut-off saw capability in the industry.
In the Truss Design department, we are using the latest IntelliBuild® software. It is an interactive program that provides multidimensional views of the truss design project. It is an invaluable aid to designers, builders and installers because it enables smarter designs up front, and better communications throughout the process due to the 3-D views of the truss system. We also build all our trusses through the aid of Virtek laser systems to give you the utmost in quality and precision. We marry these lasers to state of the art truss tables manufactured by Koskovich. This Match Point Planx ™ system enables us to build the most complicated trusses with unmatched speed and precision.
Our shipping and logistics department tracks your product via the latest in global positioning systems for the transportation industry.
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