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Eugene Villaume, built his first Villaume box 125 years ago. But he was much more than a box builder. He was a structural engineer, an efficiency expert, a quality control analyst, a diligent problem solver, a cost control fanatic, an innovator, a natural entrepreneur, a customer relations department, a true business partner who understood and looked out for his customers, and a proponent of just-in-time delivery which meant while-you-wait delivery in those days.
He was an immediate and obvious asset to the customers he attracted. He didn’t have a business plan. He had a work ethic. He had a set of values that reflected the needs of his customers. His work was his word. He delivered above and beyond expectations. And while he was at it, he created a rock-solid foundation for a company that has stood, unwavering, for 125 years.
So today, when we out-work the other guys, when we dig to find that even better solution, when we anticipate customer needs and spot potential problems up-front, we are just doing what Eugene Villaume would expect us to do. And that is what sets us apart.
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