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When Villaume started the truss venture, it bought a company called Frame-O-Wood. Robert Linsmayer praised the new products. "No question about it," he said, "shop fabricated roof trusses can save a builder both time and money." Three men could completely truss an average house in two hours. The new products sped up construction by eliminating on-site cutting, reducing errors, and minimizing waste. In addition when builders developed housing plans that eliminated the use of interior load-bearing walls, architects and contractors could arrange room layout to meet almost any owner's potential requirements. Consequently Villaume Industries was doing well. Adding the truss division to the traditional box line had paid off. In addition to innovation, Linsmayer believed in tradition and decided that it was time for his son to learn the ins and outs of the family business. Chuck McMahon, then the sales manager, remembers when he was told that he had help coming in the next week. "I didn't know anything about it, but the next Monday Nick comes in and said 'I'm going to work for you. "' The arrangement lasted for several years, after which Nick moved on to another area of the company. "He's got a good head on him and learned fast.... I wasn't particularly soft on him. Fortunately," Chuck said with a smile, "he didn't turn on me when he got to be president."'